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Philofractal - Philippe Ruez

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Kitchen 2


Flower In Liberty 71

Ladys Dream

This site is dedicated to the Fractal images I've created.

If you want to give me your comments, please send me an e-mail to:


A few indications on what the heck a fractal is:

A fractal is an image which is made by through calculations of mathematically iterated formulas.

There are several fractal generating software programs. I personally use Ultra Fractal, which is a marvelous tool that allows me to calculate, color, combine layers and much more!

In the following pages, you'll find a selection of my images.

All images found on this website are copyrighted to me, and cannot be reproduced, copied or used without my express permission. (You can download the images for personal wallpaper, if you wish)

Want to see some Fractals? Have a look here!

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New Fractal:

Spiral1        Flower In Liberty 91       Spiral2

Solidaire de nos amis de Charlie Hebdo


2019/12/11: Website update

Fractal Personas Gallery for Mozilla Firefox

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